[GE users] Upper bound for array jobs?

Bernard Li bli at bcgsc.ca
Fri Aug 27 20:01:52 BST 2004

Hi Reuti:

> Can you please provide some more details: first you submit 
> one array job which creates all the 26,000 script files and 
> submits each script on it's own?

The following illustrates an example where a user submits an array job
with 100 tasks:

User creates a batchfile containing the commands to execute on the


User submits job to SGE using a script which parses the batch file:

mqsub --file test.batch --name test

mqsub creates individual script files to be submitted using qsub:

[test.1.sh] .. [test.100.sh]


#$ -S /bin/sh


mqsub also creates the array job script:



#$ -S /bin/sh


Finally mqsub executes the qsub command:

qsub -t 1-100 test_array.sh

I hope this makes sense.



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