[GE users] prohibiting use of <queue>@<host>

Jeroen Kleijer j.kleijer at chello.nl
Mon Aug 30 22:09:20 BST 2004


I'm testing Grid Engine at the moment and have set up a testing
environment of multiple hosts (Solaris and Linux) with a couple of
cluster-queues. (sol64.q and lx86.q)

I want my users only to be able to submit their jobs to the cluster-queues, 
leaving it to the scheduling mechanism on which host the job is going to 
run instead of them being able to do the following:

qsub -q lx86.q@<hostname>

and (hand)picking a host that they feel is right for them.

So far I've only seen how you can modify cluster queues an
allow/disallow users to a cluster queue but is there a way to disallow a
user to submit directly to a queue at a specified host?

Thanks in advance,

Jeroen Kleijer

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