[GE users] Problems submitting with fixed allocation rule

Thomas Neumann neumann at exasol.com
Tue Aug 31 09:41:31 BST 2004

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Hello !

My cluster is configured in 2 parts, the first part are dual processor 
machines, which I have assigned 200 slots on each machine. The second 
part are single processor machines which are configured with 100 slots 
on each machine. I have created 4 parallel environments with fixed 
allocation rules (1, 2, 3, 4 slots on each machine all are called bash* 
where * equals the number of slots,  all other settings are identical).
Submitting on the dual processor machines works fine. On the single 
processor machines the following situation appears:
Submitting with bash1 to bash3 causes no problems, but when submitting 
with bash4  the job only becomes pending. Asking why I receive the 
message "cannot run because available slots combined under pe bash4 are 
not in range of job". The exact configuration for bash4 is:

Slots 999
Users SGEAdmins
XUsers None
Start Proc Args /bin/true
Stop Prog Args /bin/true
Allocation Rule 4
Urgency Slots min
Control Slaves true (I also tried false)
Job is first task true (I also tried false)

Increasing the slots does not work. I checked all privileges for users, 
projects, etc., but there are no differences between the machines in the 
cluster. For testing the pe I decreased the slots of bash4 to 3 slots on 
each machine and the job started imediately. Looking in qstat after 
submitting with bash3, there are 3/100 slots used. All other 
complex_values are also available and identical for all machines in the 
whole cluster. Has anybody got an idea where the problem could be?


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