[GE users] np_load_avg and thresholds

Jay Lessert jayl at Synopsys.COM
Tue Aug 31 22:24:55 BST 2004

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 04:12:21PM -0400, Don Shesnicky wrote:
> > > You can, of course, set the processor count manually in your SGE
> > > config if you decide to keep HT on but want to only account for the
> 'real' CPUs in your SGE config.
> > This is apart of an old thread on processor counts, xeon processors
> > and the number of slots.  How do I set the processor count for an
> > individual host?

I saw the same old thread you did, read the docs, and came to the
conclusion that according to the docs, you CANNOT edit num_proc
or processors.  The host_conf(5) man page is pretty explicit about
this, I'd be happy to hear otherwise.

I've got a small bank of dual-Xeon Sun V60x's I just installed.  I
wound up just doing:

    qconf -rattr queue load_thresholds load_short=1.50 $list_of_v60x_queues
    qconf -mattr queue slots 2 $list_of_v60x_queues

...in my post-install script.

I did leave HT off (BIOS setting) on one of the boxes.  Turns out I
like that better, anyway.  For my job mix (VCS, Spectre, Nanosim,
DC/PC/Astro) these boxes behave better with load_avg=2.0 if HT is
off. (This is RHEL3, stock 2.4.21-4.ELsmp kernel.)

So after tapeout when I get a chance I'll disable HT on all of 'em,
and the problem goes away.

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