[GE users] qmon segfault - was Re: [GE users] qconf segfault on RH9

ce107 at MIT.EDU ce107 at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 1 17:12:13 BST 2004

Thanks to this exchange of e-mails I was able to fix my qmon problems on a
mixed bag of RHEL3, RH7.2, Mdk9.2 and Mdk10 workstations. Mdk uses Lesstif
and RHEL3 uses a later version of Motif (2.2) that does not provide
libXm.so.2. I had in the past added Lesstif to the RH7.2 machine. I
fetched openmotif-2.1.30-4_MLI.i386.rpm from www.opengroup.org and
installed it relocated to /opt/OpenMotif2.1.30 so as not to mess up any
more of my executables (Lesstif also provides a libXm.so.2).

The RPM options had to be varied depending on the case
RHEL3: rpm -ivh --oldpackage --relocate /usr/X11R6=/opt/OpenMotif2.1.30
Mdk9.2: rpm -ivh --force --relocate /usr/X11R6=/opt/OpenMotif2.1.30
Mdk10: rpm -ivh --relocate /usr/X11R6=/opt/OpenMotif2.1.30

while on RH7.2 RPM claimed the package was not relocatable and I had to
tar up the directory from another machine and manually install it.

I then alias qmon to
env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/OpenMotif2.1.30/lib:$SGE_ROOT/lib/lx24-x86 qmon

and everything works fine.

Thanks again to all,

Dr. Constantinos Evangelinos
Department of Ocean Engineering

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