[GE users] qrsh and tty allocation

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Fri Jul 2 07:25:28 BST 2004

Rayson Ho wrote:

> 1) is the DISPLAY environment variable set correctly in the qrsh 
>    session??
Yes. Trying "qrsh -V xterm" works as expected.

> 2) does it make a difference when you call qrsh to start a session, 
>    and then start vsim??
Yes. This would yield the correct result, but on the other hand is
rather inconvient, because the currently set environment is not 
available, "qrsh -V" alone does not work (Unknown option), so I have set
the DISPLAY again.

About using ssh: seems like a big effort (we do not deploy ssh in-house) 
  and it would require a large effort to get the IT department in the loop.

While we are at it, did someone consider modifying qsh to start other
X-apps then a xterm? S.th. like
"qsh -display -cmd gvim  foo " could start a gvim on a suitable queue
and return immediately.
Because if I use "qrsh -V gvim" it works, but leaves a blocked shell

Bye, thanks

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