[GE users] arguments by default in Qmon

Einar Blaberg einar.blaberg at chl.chalmers.se
Mon Jul 5 14:24:34 BST 2004

- Alexandre Barras (Alexandre.Barras at cerfacs.fr) [040705 15:09]:
> Hello,
> I would like to impose on my on the computers of my cluster to use fixed 
> arguments to submit job to Sun Grid Engine. And these argument should be 
> always the same in any case.
> For example, when I write: "qsub a_job.sh" I want SGE to understand 
> "qsub -cwd -ckpt check a_job.sh".
> For bash, the solution is of course the usage of aliases: ln qsub "qsub 
> -cwd -ckpt check"
> But, how to do this when I submit a job with qmon, without adding lines 
> in each script I want to submit ?

Look at $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/sge_request

# This file contains cell wide default submit options which are
# automatically applied to all job submission requests. Users can get rid of
# these defaults by using the -clear option.

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