[GE users] installing exec host hangs at start of sge_commd

Don Shesnicky dshesnicky at enqsemi.com
Tue Jul 6 13:29:45 BST 2004


> But I do hate to ask - why RH 7.2 and a 2.4.7 kernel? These are rather
out of date.
> And why version 5.3 of Gridengine rather than 6.0?.

It's a bit of a story but we were originally running 7.2/2.4.7 in a
design environment. While working a tool problem with Cadence we were
to upgrade to their supported environment.  They do not support RH9.0,
their support for 8.0 is limited (I've never been able to figure out how
limited). Therefore we're in the process of upgrading to RH7.3/2.4.20.
My two 
login servers are still at 7.2 but I could install the master on one of
2.4.20 cpu servers.

As far as SGE 6.0 goes, there was no clear indication of what was stable
what was beta and something somewhere on the gridengine site made me
think the
6.0 was beta so I went with the 5.3. Is 6.0 not beta but the latest


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