[GE users] SGE for Windows

Vladimir vlists at veus.hr
Wed Jul 7 04:12:02 BST 2004

Ron Chen wrote:

>A few people on this list are using SGE on Windows
>with the help of cygwin.
>The only reason why we didn't actually make it public
>is because the licence of cygwin is in conflict with
>(follow this mail thread would give you more info)
>Also, we with get a native port of SGE later this
>year, this news was annonced a few weeks ago.

Isn't the main issue with Windows port its inability to mix well with 
the UNIX port. Let me explain. Couple years ago I was testing Platform 
Computing's LSF 4.2 for Windows and I found it extremely difficult to 
set up. Eventually I gave up. Perhaps things have changed recently with 
5.0+. I wouldn't know since I am using SGE now :-).
In order for SGE to work well you need to have fairly uniform userids, 
mount points etc. Since Windows doesn't use the concept of UNIX userids 
at some point you need to somehow customize the Windows version to take 
into account rids and other "fun" stuff. I suppose if you were only 
doing a Windows only cluster you may be able to get away with it however 
doing cross-platform SGE cluster that includes Windows may be asking for 
trouble :-).


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