[GE users] killing idle interactive jobs

Vladimir vlists at veus.hr
Wed Jul 7 04:31:33 BST 2004

Ron Chen wrote:

>>I'm using wrappers around qrsh to start remote
>>interactive jobs. For the
>>most part people are good about exiting from the
>>application when they are
>>done. On occasion they will forget and spend several
>>days idle taking up a
>>slot until we kill the job. Does anyone have any
>>good ideas about how to
>>timeout an interactive session? Obviously GE can't
>>know what the user is
>>doing in the application (matlab mostly) and
>>attempts to idle-out based on
>>keyboard input will not work (long run-times).

I wrote a web interface to qstat that will among other things show how 
long a particular "job" has been running. Also it will show if 
particular hosts load average is close to 0. My users like it since it 
is easy to preview, it has breakdown on how many jobs each user is 
running, has queued etc. You can download the code from


It is PHP based so you should be able to add your own checks ie. if 
users job has been running more than a week label the row with the job 
with pink etc.


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