Re(3): [GE users] install_execd: no SGE_QMASTER_PORT or "sge_qmaster"

Reuti reuti at
Wed Jul 7 22:19:30 BST 2004

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>The entries need to be in /etc/services on all machines unless you are 
>getting that info propagated via NIS or NIS+ etc.
>If all else fails set an environment variable SGE_QMASTER_PORT=536 
>before running the sge_execd installation process.

I found it not really necessary (at least under Linux), to install the execd on 
all the nodes. If you already setup an execd on the qmaster node, and share the 
$SGE_ROOT via NFS, you can simply startup the execd on all the nodes.

The port numbers will be placed hardwired in the sgemaster/sgeexecd scripts, 
when you chose to enter them by hand, instead of any NIS(+) or /etc/services 

It's then also possible from the qmaster with rsh/ssh to start the execd, like:

for i in node00 node01 node02; do
    ssh $i /usr/sge/default/common/sgeexecd start

(Or you can create the link-entries in init.d/rc3.d to start/stop the execd on 
the nodes by hand.)

- Reuti

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