[GE users] corrupted users and projects files

Bernd Dammann bd at imm.dtu.dk
Thu Jul 8 10:44:59 BST 2004

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Our master host crashed last night and the qmaster doesn't start after
the reboot.  It stops with

    Project "CPU-1101-14".
error: Spoolfile for project "CPU-1101-14" containes invalid name

and a quick check in qmaster/projects shows, that almost all project files
have a name field that doesn't correspond to the file name.  The same
was true for two files in qmaster/users, but I simply removed those two
files.  Now I am a little worried to do this with the projects files.
What happens if the files are not there?  Will they be reconstructed at
startup, or is this information lost?

Best regards,

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# Informatics and Mathematical Modelling |      just when I am hating it?"
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   print unpack("u", "<22!K;F5W('1H870@>6]U)VQL(&1O('1H870A\"@``" );

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