[GE users] GE6 on Fedora 2 and Rehat 7.2

Einar Blaberg einar.blaberg at chl.chalmers.se
Thu Jul 8 10:54:03 BST 2004

- Francesco Siano (fsiano at thphy.uni-duesseldorf.de) [040708 10:10]:
> Hi all. I would like to install Grid Engine 6 on our cluster; before  
> starting I would like to know if it is possible at all.
Sure it is :)

> The cluster is 27 nodes (micro,...,micro26), each with 2  Intel XEON 2GHz  
> processors, running Red Hat 7.2.
> In addition, we have 11 Intel PC (pico3,...,pico13) running Fedora Core 2  
> that I'd like to add to the cluster to be used overnight, on weekends etc.
> There is a directory /software on the master node of the cluster (micro),  
> which is dinamically mounted and it is accessible to all nodes and PCs.

Sound like a good setup, install sge in /software/sge or so and then just
run /software/sge/install_execd on the nodes. Read the install-documentation
and mind that on redhat the default ports below 1024 will not work.

> Can GE manage two different kernels like 2.4 and 2.6 ?

Yes, you might have to build from source to get it working though. I dont
think the binary distribution has support for 2.6, never bothered to check
since CVS had bugfixes I needed when I upgraded from sge5 to sge6. Should
only be to create some softlinks in bin/ lib/ utilbin

> What's the best way to setup the installation ?

My choise:
Create two calendars one called allways and one called offhours for example
Create two hostgroups, one containing the micro* and one the pico*
Create two queues, one with hostlist @micro and one with @pico and with the
different calendars assigned to them

Should do the trick..

> I'd appreciate any help. I'm not a professional, so my apology for any  
> stupidity.

As long as you read the fine manual first :)

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