[GE users] SGE 6.0 qmon segmentation fault

ce107 at MIT.EDU ce107 at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 8 21:01:42 BST 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Don Shesnicky wrote:

> > You're probably using Lesstif instead of OpenMotif.
> > I'd suggest you get the OpenMotif libraries, install them
> > somewhere and alias qmon to load libXm.so from there.
> How would I know if I'm using Lesstif? I tried to run this

AFAIK RH 7.2 did not come with OpenMotif (did it even exist at the time?)
or Lesstif by default. People can and would add either one. Do a
grep -i lesstif /var/log/rpmpkgs (as root)
rpm -qa | grep -i lesstif
to see whether Lesstif is installed you have installed.

> on one of the execution hosts which are redhat 7.3/2.4.20
> and it couldn't find libXm.so so I'm guessing this is already
> linked against Motif.

This means that you either have neither installed or if they are installed
they have been installed in a non-standard location that the dynamic
linker will not look into.

> Bottom line, is it better to track down the libraries or go
> for the recompile?

It was very fast for me without the recompile:

Dr. Constantinos Evangelinos
Department of Ocean Engineering

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