[GE users] GE 6.0 on RedHat 7.2 and Fedora Core 2

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Jul 13 21:07:16 BST 2004

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>1. When I submit jobs, the Environment window in the Advanced tab is  
>empty; the result is error messages (it doesn't not find shared libraries  
>such as libmkl_p4.so, things independent of GE). On the other hand, if I  
>manually Get Environment with the little tree-icon, everything is fine. I  
>don't understand
>that because all the paths are in  $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
>bash-2.05$ echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>Other that this little problem the jobs run just perfect. Thanks !

when you use the command line qsub, you have to use the option -V to export all 
environment variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH ...) to the job. This seems to happen, 
when you use the tree-bottom in qmon.

Is this working: Put -V in the default request 

>2. What should I do to add Pcs running Fedora Core 2, i.e. kernel 2.6, to  
>the cluster ? If I simply try
>[root at pico3 sge6.0]# ./install_execd
>/.netmount/software_micro/gridware/sge6.0/inst_sge: line 1:  
>./utilbin/lx26-x86/uidgid: No such file or directory
>/.netmount/software_micro/gridware/sge6.0/inst_sge: line 1:  
>./utilbin/lx26-x86/uidgid: No such file or directory
>can't find "./utilbin/lx26-x86/spooldefaults"
>Installation failed.
>Should I compile GE 6.0 again ? If yes, am I going to overwrite files for  
>lx24-x86 when I install ? Sorry if the questions are naive, I did browse  
>through the documentation.

I don't know (I can't test it), but can't you simply create a symbolic link 
from lx24-x86 to lx26-x86 in the directories?


BTW: You don't have to install the execd, it's sufficient to start the daemons 

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