Re(2): [GE users] queue priorities?

Reuti reuti at
Wed Jul 14 13:27:13 BST 2004

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Hi Don,

>I would think the running jobs would complete or perhaps re-queue.
>What are the different methods of doing this then so I can read up on them
>and pick one or is a subordinate queue the only one.

if you want to let them continue running, you can use the setup which I 
mentioned some time ago: (the idea is to put some queues in alarm state and 
prohibit the scheduling of a new job to them - it should work in 6.0 again)

Giving different priority for the queues in addition (and setting 
NO_REPRIORITIZATION [it's in the description of priority in man queue_conf]), 
you can dicide how both jobs should share the processor time.

If you want to kill them: define a prolog for the higher priority queue and set 
it to be run as an administrator account. Look on the node with qstat what's 
running there, and kill other jobs (and use the alarm feature mentioned above 
to avoid new jobs in the other queue).


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