[GE users] those little locks and changing values

Don Shesnicky dshesnicky at enqsemi.com
Mon Jul 19 20:58:08 BST 2004

That was pretty much how I figured that they worked but they seem to
have a mind of
their own - values are resetting themselves to the parent's value even
though the parent
is unlocked as well. 
For instance, in my d.reg queue (digital regression test queue) I have
two sets of hosts,
@digital for the main digital host group, there is also a @analog host
group that are the
analog designers hosts that the digital group can run on if they are not
loaded. In qmon
I click on d.reg > modify. In the pop there is the lower left section
which is labelled "Attributes
for Host/HostGroup". The @/ is unlocked and the np_load_avg is set to
1.75. I click on
@analog and it is unlocked and np_load_avg is set to 1.75 same as the
parent. I double
click on the setting and change it to 1.2 but it isn't saved if I leave
it unlocked or lock it.
When I come back to it it is always changed back to the parent value of
I'm going to play with it some more and see if I can do what I expect it
to do - stay at 1.2.
What's the command line version to dump these settings for that queue?

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Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 3:53 AM
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Subject: Re: [GE users] those little locks and changing values

When you edit a queue in qmon you are working on the cluster queue
definition. This means, that all queue instances derived from the
queue will have the same settings.  To be a bit more flexible, you can
override some values for spedific cluster queues. To do that, you have
to unlock the setting and change it for the given queue instance.

- a closed lock means that that value is valid for the whole cluster
- an open lock means, that this value is overriden for some queue

Does this help?


Don Shesnicky wrote:

	What are those little locks everywhere? I thought they might be
just a way of locking things
	down so they couldn't accidently get changed. I edited the
number of slots open on a group
	of hosts via qmon and the queue conf window. I had to fiddle
with the locks at that time.
	Then I tried setting a load threshold so that that same group
wouldn't accept jobs when
	the load was above 1.2. It kept reverting to 1.75 as the top
level @\ had set. Then all
	of a sudden the hosts on it started accepting two jobs. Now I
realize that these locks are
	doing something that I don't quite follow.
	Things don't seem very intuitive here, should I just switch to
the command line versions
	of the tools?

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