[GE users] nice values and sge 6.0

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Mon Jul 19 22:10:09 BST 2004

I could be totally wrong, but I think this is what is going on:

If you really want nice values you need to turn off "dynamic 
reprioritization" within N1GE/SGE 6.

 From what I recall there are 2 things you need to change

(1) execd_param NO_REPRIORITIZATION=true (sge_conf manpage) at queue level

(2) set REPRIORITIZE_INTERVAL to 00:00:00 (sched_conf manpage) within 
the scheduler configuration

After doing that you should see your queue level nice values start to be 
expressed I belive.


Don Shesnicky wrote:

> I have three queues setup in sge 6.0, a high, medium and low where I set
> different nice
> values via the qmon queue window. I've tried a number of different
> settings both plus and
> minus and never see any unix nice value on the processes via both top or
> ps. Should I?
> Don

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