[GE users] submitting binaries while disallowing interactive logins

Jeroen Kleijer j.kleijer at chello.nl
Mon Jul 19 22:36:44 BST 2004


I'm setting up Grid Engine on Solaris and Linux hosts and so far 
everything seems to be running fine. I can submit batch jobs with qsub and 
run binaries with qrsh (which is configured to use ssh because of the X11 
forwarding and security). 
The only problem I'm running into at the moment is that users have to be 
able to interactively login to the nodes to use the qrsh/ssh system which 
I'm not particularly fond of because it allows them to login to any node 
and startup programs by hand instead of using the scheduling mechanism.
Is there any kind of way to submit binaries (preferably using ssh for 
security and X11 reasons) while disallowing them a full commandline 

(I've tried to submit binaries using qsub but it fails on the DISPLAY 
environment as you get something along the lines of DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 
if you're logged in using ssh and rewriting this to <FQDN>:0.0 either 
messes up you're secure tunnel or creates a security risk)

Kind regards

Jeroen Kleijer

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