[GE users] SGE 6.0 and shadow master troubles

Marco Donauer Marco.Donauer at Sun.COM
Tue Jul 20 16:08:59 BST 2004

Hi Bogdan,

I have currently no experience with afs, but as I know
only the qmaster must be installed with the afs switch.
If the shadow_master tries to take over he will read the bootstrap file, 
contains the information about the security level and so the qmaster 
will automatically start
in right mode.

The command you have use is a littlebit wrong.

To install the qmaster you can use install_qmaster -afs that's right.
To install the shadow please use inst_sge -sm

The install_qmaster is a wrapperscript which execs this command: inst_sge -m

I guess that you alread have installed a qmaster with install_qmaster -afs
With your command the qmaster installation will be started once again.
This should result in an error!

Bogdan Lobodzinski wrote:
> Hello,
>      I have some questions about shadow master installaton:
> 1.
> When I try to install shadow master I am always failed because at
> some point the command "install_qmaster -afs -sm" tries to use ssh to
> contact with second master.
> Is it necessary to use ssh ?
> How to avoid it and make the installation fully succesfull ?
> I am starting all daemons as root. All
> ssh connections via root to another hosts are disabled.
> All necessary directories: ../common, .../spool/qmaster  are shared (rw)
> via AFS on both servers: master and shadow master and are available by
> root.
Hm, yes your are right!
You think about the question about SGE_ROOT and SGE_CELL, right?
But if you install the shadow on a different host than the qmaster, 
which makes more sense, you
can't get this information from anywhere. We have to ask for the 
These path are save within the bootstrap file, that's right, but the 
script can't find the bootstrap file without

> 2.
> according to the manual qmaster must be installed before shadow master.
> But installing shadow master I have to repeat exactly thge same procedure
> like during qmaster installation.
> again: Is it really necessary ?
> I guess something is wrong with this.
> 3.
> Is it possible to modify the time after which sgeqmaster is started on
> shadow master host ?

This is a compiled in option. Do you compile your own distribution or do 
you use the binaries?
If you compile your own binaries you can change it, this way:

open source/daemons/shadowd/shadowd.c

you can find these defines:

#define CHECK_INTERVAL      60
#define DELAY_TIME          600

Here you can change the interval and the delaytime till sge_qmaster will 
be started.
In this case: check every 60 sec's and start after 600 sec's



>                Thanks in advance for any help,
>                       Bogdan
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