[GE users] SGE 6.0 and shadow master troubles

Bogdan Lobodzinski bogdan at ifh.de
Tue Jul 20 18:08:32 BST 2004

Hi Marco,

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Marco Donauer wrote:

> Hi Bogdan,
> I have currently no experience with afs, but as I know
> only the qmaster must be installed with the afs switch.
> If the shadow_master tries to take over he will read the bootstrap file,
> which
> contains the information about the security level and so the qmaster
> will automatically start
> in right mode.
> The command you have use is a littlebit wrong.
> To install the qmaster you can use install_qmaster -afs that's right.
> To install the shadow please use inst_sge -sm
> The install_qmaster is a wrapperscript which execs this command: inst_sge -m
> I guess that you alread have installed a qmaster with install_qmaster -afs
> With your command the qmaster installation will be started once again.
> This should result in an error!

Thanks for this hint.

> Bogdan Lobodzinski wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >      I have some questions about shadow master installaton:
> > 1.
> > When I try to install shadow master I am always failed because at
> > some point the command "install_qmaster -afs -sm" tries to use ssh to
> > contact with second master.
> > Is it necessary to use ssh ?
> > How to avoid it and make the installation fully succesfull ?
> >
> > I am starting all daemons as root. All
> > ssh connections via root to another hosts are disabled.
> > All necessary directories: ../common, .../spool/qmaster  are shared (rw)
> > via AFS on both servers: master and shadow master and are available by
> > root.
> >
> >
> Hm, yes your are right!
> You think about the question about SGE_ROOT and SGE_CELL, right?
> But if you install the shadow on a different host than the qmaster,
> which makes more sense, you
> can't get this information from anywhere. We have to ask for the
> These path are save within the bootstrap file, that's right, but the
> script can't find the bootstrap file without

You are right: I forgot to export SGE_CELL variable.
But the problem with ssh connection during shadow master instalation still
exist. So I decided to remove ssh parts from the script inst_sge,
what finally allows me to start the sge_shadowd.

> > 2.
> > according to the manual qmaster must be installed before shadow master.
> > But installing shadow master I have to repeat exactly thge same procedure
> > like during qmaster installation.
> > again: Is it really necessary ?
> > I guess something is wrong with this.
> >
> > 3.
> > Is it possible to modify the time after which sgeqmaster is started on
> > shadow master host ?
> This is a compiled in option. Do you compile your own distribution or do
> you use the binaries?
I am using a source compilation.

> If you compile your own binaries you can change it, this way:
> open source/daemons/shadowd/shadowd.c
> you can find these defines:
> #define CHECK_INTERVAL      60
> #define DELAY_TIME          600
> Here you can change the interval and the delaytime till sge_qmaster will
> be started.
> In this case: check every 60 sec's and start after 600 sec's

Thanks for this pointer !

                  Best Regards,


> Regards,
> Marco

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