[GE users] np_load_avg and thresholds

Don Shesnicky dshesnicky at enqsemi.com
Tue Jul 20 20:55:21 BST 2004

OK I solved the problem with the load and why a certain host was taking
jobs even
though the uptime load was above what I was seeing in both qmon and with
I started watching the queue via qconf and sure enough when the
np_load_avg hit 1.0+
the host did not accept any more jobs. It had nothing to do with the
uptime load or
the load in qmon.
Where are the definitions of np_load_xxx and load_long etc? The np_loads
to have some sort of longer growth/decay factor.
$ qconf -se orrin
hostname              orrin.enqsemi.com
load_scaling          NONE
complex_values        NONE
load_values           arch=lx24-x86,num_proc=4,mem_total=3907.785156M, \
swap_total=2047.335938M,virtual_total=5955.121094M, \
                      load_avg=2.550000,load_short=0.890000, \
                      load_medium=2.550000,load_long=2.440000, \
                      mem_free=3520.476562M,swap_free=2047.335938M, \
                      virtual_free=5567.812500M,mem_used=387.308594M, \
                      swap_used=0.000000M,virtual_used=387.308594M, \
                      cpu=25.300000,np_load_avg=0.637500, \
<============== Here
                      np_load_short=0.222500,np_load_medium=0.637500, \
processors            4
user_lists            NONE
xuser_lists           NONE
projects              NONE
xprojects             NONE
usage_scaling         NONE
report_variables      NONE

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