[GE users] GE 6.0 vs. Berkeley DB 4.2.52 vs. 64-bit Solaris 9

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Wed Jul 21 17:57:37 BST 2004

On Jul 21, 2004, at 2:46 AM, users-digest-help at gridengine.sunsource.net 
> The file source/libs/spool/berkeleydb/README describes how to build the
> Berkeley DB on various platforms including Solaris 64-bit (you have to
> append CFLAGS="-xarch=v9" CPPFLAGS="-xarch=v9" LDFLAGS="-xarch=v9" to 
> the
> configure call).

Right, I tried that originally.  It dies building the shared C++ library
because the supplied "libtool" doesn't pass in the "-xarch=v9" switch
into the link for that particular library.  As I mentioned, Sleepycat
provided patches for that, as well as for a couple of other files to
deal with 64-bit issues.  Compiling isn't the problem at this point.

> The file also contains a section about the use of the RPC server.

D'oh!@  Right there at the bottom.  Sorry, I didn't see that on
first pass.  <*blush*>

> 64-bit berkeley_db_svc dumping core is a known issue and has been
> reported to Sleepycat.
> AFAIK this will be fixed in the next Berkeley DB release.

Interesting.  The problem - to me - seems to be that the Sun 64-bit
libnsl version of svctcp_create() can return a bad value.  Is it Sun's
fault, or is it Sleepycat's for using svctcp_create() when using that
function appears to have been deprecated, according to rpc_soc(3NSL):

            This routine exists for backward compatibility only.
            svc_create(),  svc_tli_create(),  or svc_vc_create()
            should be used instead.  See rpc_svc_create(3NSL).

> In the meantime you have to build a (statically linked) 32 bit
> berkeley_db_svc and copy it to your 64 bit berkeley db installation.

I guess I'll just use the one in the Solaris 64-bit binary distribution
of Grid Engine 6.0.  :-)

What about the other two Berkeley DB files included as 32-bit versions
in there, "db_archive" and "db_checkpoint"?  Should those be used in
their 32-bit guise as well?

Thanks in advance,

	- Greg

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