[GE users] memory / cpu load threshold

Rajeev Mishra rajeevrmishra at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 22:57:16 BST 2004

We have a SGE_CELL of 15 machines running SGE6.0. All the machines are dual CPU but with different amount of memory and swap running under Linux. I would like to set a "load threshold" for memory and swap in terms of % free not the amount as all the machines have different amount of Memory and Swap.. For an e.g. if a machine has 4G of RAM and 4G of swap and only 1G of memory is available because of some other job running on the machine then SGE should not use this machine for running a job. I can do this by setting up memory threshold by specifying the amount of memory but I would like to do by % wise, say if memory available is 25% then do not submit new jobs in this machine by using Qmon, Load threshold. Is there a way to do this ? 
The other question is regarding CPU utilization. As all the machines have 2 CPU, I have defined 2 slots for each machine so 2 jobs can run simultaneously on a machine. I have defined a load threshold "np_load_avg" to value 0.7. Sometimes if a user is running a job on one of the machine without using SGE and just uses one CPU to 80%. In this if other user submits a job asking for 4 CPU using SGE then SGE treats this machine as a  good resource and submits two process on this machine and other two on other machine. Ideally it should have used one CPU from the first machine. Eventually all the users will be using SGE to submit the jobs, I was just wondering if there is way I can define that if one of the CPU is busy (because of a Non SGE submitted job) then just use one slot from that machine. 
Thanks in advance.

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