Re(2): [GE users] memory / cpu load threshold

Reuti reuti at
Thu Jul 22 23:49:54 BST 2004

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>Thanks for the quick reply. If I use $round_robin in PE then for a 4cpu
>jobs SGE distributes the job in 4 different machines instead using 2
>machines. This can effect the performance in running certain types of
>job. At present I have defined Int (2) for allocation. Thanks again for
>prompt reply. 

But when you specify two there, this means to take two without respect to any 
load threshold to reduce the number of selected CPUs - take two or use an other 
host. Maybe you can define more than one PE: one with $round_robin, and an 
other with 2.

But for any configuration, I think it would really be beneficial to advice the 
users to submit jobs only with SGE (or prohibit any interactive work on the 
machines besides using qrsh at all).

Szia - Reuti

BTW: What type of jobs are you running? I found shared memory operations on one 
machine to be slower than using a network software Linda/MPI (also on one 
machine only) under Linux.

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