[GE users] Upgraded interface for v5.3 ??

Richard Hobbs richard.hobbs at crl.toshiba.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 10:23:30 BST 2004


Is there a better interface for grid v5.3p1 ?? I'm currently using the queue
manager which lists all available queues in order of sequence number, in
which you have to unselect a queue before selecting another, or else they
are both selected, and also in which you cannot modify more than one queue
at a time...

Basically, when trying to make a simple change to lots of queues, it takes
soooo long using the GUI.

Is there an upgraded GUI which we can install without upgrading our engine??
I would like to tell you what version of the GUI we have, but I'm not sure
where to find it... I suspect it's just the standard with the version of
grid engine we are running, but if there's a way to find other interfaces
for this grid engine, that'd be great :-)

Thanks in advance,

Richard Hobbs (Systems Administrator)
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