[GE users] Upgraded interface for v5.3 ??

Alexandre Barras Alexandre.Barras at cerfacs.fr
Fri Jul 23 10:44:15 BST 2004

in fact, all you need is SGE v6.0 !

"Cluster Queues
Quite possibly the biggest change of all. Grid Engine now supports the 
concept of queues that can span multiple hosts or hostgroups (hostgroup 
objects are another new feature). This is the same behavior that similar 
products such as PBS <http://www.pbspro.com> and Platform LSF 
<http://www.platform.com> have used for a very long time. Previous 
versions of Grid Engine treated 'queues' as job containers that were 
associated with a specific machine or server host. Entire bodies 
<http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/howto/howto.html> of 
Grid Engine configuration and deployment best-practices are based upon 
host-associated queues. Initial impressions from technical docs and 
presentations suggest that the use of 'cluster queues' is now the 
default recommended behavior. If true, this is not just a nice new 
feature, it is a fundamental change in how Grid Engine is configured and 
used. Nothing relating to "classic queues" is being deprecated though -- 
in fact they are still present and 'queue instances' still run on every 
execution host. Think of cluster queues as an administrative aid and a 
way to group together systems that may share constants such as 
prolog/epilog scripts, etc."

Richard Hobbs wrote:

>Is there a better interface for grid v5.3p1 ?? I'm currently using the queue
>manager which lists all available queues in order of sequence number, in
>which you have to unselect a queue before selecting another, or else they
>are both selected, and also in which you cannot modify more than one queue
>at a time...
>Basically, when trying to make a simple change to lots of queues, it takes
>soooo long using the GUI.
>Is there an upgraded GUI which we can install without upgrading our engine??
>I would like to tell you what version of the GUI we have, but I'm not sure
>where to find it... I suspect it's just the standard with the version of
>grid engine we are running, but if there's a way to find other interfaces
>for this grid engine, that'd be great :-)
>Thanks in advance,

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