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Vladimir vlists at veus.hr
Fri Jul 23 15:38:18 BST 2004

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Carolina de Lima Pereira -CAT wrote:

>I must write a presentation about SGE here in my office. I?ve been reading some 
>doccuments that I?ve found on internet, but I still have some doubts. 
>I wanted to know a good difinition of sge cell, a comparision between sge and 
>openPBS, the best numbers of tcp ports to use with sge and why is it good to 
>integrate sge and globus.

I am not sure of any documentation but from personal experience I don't 
think there is any comparison between SGE and OpenPBS. OpenPBS has 
extremely limited functionality. Even its maintainer Altair/Veridian 
says that for any serious work you should go to PBS Pro which in my 
opinion is inferior to SGE.


I would even argue that from the ease of setup and maintainability SGE 
is better than LSF :-). At my previous job we switched over from LSF to 
SGE. Couple reasons

    * LSF uses FlexLM licensing. Even though "it shouldn't happen" LSF
      would always go down in case there was an issue with the FlexLM
      server. In one year we had LSF go down a number of times due to
      FlexLM or NFS issues. They were so bad we had to call Platform
      tech support on 2 or 3 occassions. With SGE we had a single outage
      in a year and a half due to master server going crazy.
    * Automated set up in LSF difficult (at least with version 4.2). A
      script needs to be executed to add an execution or submit host. In
      SGE all that needs to be done is configuration needs to be created
      on the master and execution will "download" its configuration. All
      you need to do is execute /etc/init.d/rcsge start


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