[GE users] Job Class?

Beth Meyer beth at wildbrain.com
Tue Jul 27 20:20:39 BST 2004


I am looking into switching our company from LSF to SGEEE and I have 
some questions.

We are a digital content creation company, focusing mainly on 
commercials. Our current system distibutes the renderfarm on the basis 
of job priority with some weight given to equal sharing amongst 
commercials and users.  In brief, it works this way -

Jobs that are classified "high priority" dispatch first on a first come, 
first served scheme, with a limit of 17 jobs at a time.

Jobs that are classified "normal priority" dispatch using an equal share 
system, with each commercial having it's own share of the farm.

Jobs that are classified "low priority" only dispatch if there are no 
other jobs that can use the available job slot. These jobs are also on a 
first come, first served scheme.

For accounting purposes we keep track of the jobs by commercial 
(project), with the accumulated render time being charged to that 
commercial.  Any user could be working on any commercial at any given 
time, so we don't maintain user lists for each project.

I've been looking through the documentation and the list archive and 
there is some reference to using a share tree and override scheme to 
accomplish this; but it wasn't clear to me how to use override to track 
priority. I thought it might be somehow liked to job class, untill I saw 
a post indicationg that job class isn't used to assign tickets to 
pending requests - the post and it's replies were written in December 
2001; so I don't know if the information is still accurate.

So my questions are:

1. Can job class be used as a priority indicator in the override policy?

2. How does one define a job class? Is it intrinsically linked to 
specific queues?

3. If job class cannot be used in the override policy for this purpose, 
then what do you use? (Keeping in mind that you want to use projects to 
represent specific commercials)

4. When will 6.0 be released and will it make our current setup easier 
to emulate?



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