[GE users] Webifying qmon

Vladimir vlists at veus.hr
Sat Jul 31 19:05:54 BST 2004

Actually if there is interest we could start up a SourceForge project to add
additional functionality. I have a number things on my to-do list ie.

 *  Periodic notification when a queue goes into an error state ie. have GM do
    qstat -alarm, then grab error message from Qmaster's messages and send an
    appropriate e-mail to admin. I am close to having this done.
 *  Send e-mails to users whose jobs are in Eqw with the explanation why
These are the "features" I am missing in version 5.3. Perhaps they are already
available in 6.0 :-).

Please e-mail me if you are interested in joing the project.


            Has anyone produced a web front end to "qstat"?

            Or a CGI package emulating qmon?

            Or even a perl wrapper to the command line
            queue management commands?

            Shouldn't be hard, if no-one else has, I'll get coding.


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