[GE users] SGE 5.3 end of life

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Jun 2 20:29:34 BST 2004


announcement of EOL for Sun's SGE/SGEEE 5.3 means that it will be

   - available only for the specified period
   - after that period the support phase begins (2 or 3 years patches
     + another 2 years "best effort" support)

Indeed there will be no free Grid Engine version from Sun anymore. This is
the version which was called "Sun Grid Engine 5.3". From Sun there will be
only a priced product called "N1 Grid Engine 6" which is fully compatible
with the open source "Grid Engine" software.

So N1 Grid Engine 6 from Sun comprises

    - all (open source) Grid Engine 6.0 enhancements (cluster queues,
      scheduler enhancements ....)
    - plus the Accounting and Reporting Console (ARCo)
    - plus support for HP, IBM, SGI, Apple in addition to solaris and Linux
    - plus Windows execution and submit support (later)
    - plus support option through Sun (I think even with a 7x24 support

And Sun of course is continuing the commitment for the open source Grid
Engine software. This means we are continuing the development in the open
source for the (as I call it) "core" software and we will continue to
provide courtesy binaries and patches on the open source project site.


> 	A thousand apologies for apparently living in a hole the last few
> months, but I've been told by someone I recommended SGE to that apparently
> 5.3's end of life has been announced and there will be no "free" versions
> of v6.
> http://wwws.sun.com/software/gridware/5.3/index.html
> 	Is this so?  Am I correct in assuming that the Open Source version
> of SGE will be a snapshot of the 5.3 last release and after Oct 15/2004 it
> will not be available for download?
> 	I've done a search of the mailing list archives but can't find any
> mention of this...
> 	Cheers,
> 	J.C.

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