[GE users] Announcing Grid Engine 6.0

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Jun 14 16:23:28 BST 2004

                      Announcing Grid Engine 6.0
                Regensburg, Germany -- June 14, 2004

Grid Engine 6.0 is now ready and courtesy binaries are available for
download. We would like to thank the users of the Beta phase for their
feedback. Grid Engine 6.0 is an important step forward to simplify Grid
Computing at the Enterprise and Cluster Grid level. Important new features
of Grid Engine 6.0 are support for flexible to use cluster queues, resource
reservation and the job submission and control library DRMAA. There is no
more distinction between the baseline product and the Enterprise Edition.
The functionality of the Enterprise Edition is now the default feature set.

The courtesy binaries are available at:


Sun Microsystems is providing access to the documentation through the Sun
Product Documentation Server http://docs.sun.com at:


After the release bundling an issue has been discovered which affects the
memory requirements of qmaster and scheduler. Please see


for more details and a workaround description.

A snapshot of the Grid Engine 6.0 sources is available as tar ball at the
"File Exchange Tool" as file "sge-V60_TAG-src.tar.gz":


The corresponding source code in CVS has the tag


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