[GE users] Re: SGE 6.0 and DRMAA

Tim Harsch harsch1 at llnl.gov
Mon Jun 14 17:04:45 BST 2004

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Well, one way would be to download the Perl API, follow the compile instructions and pay close attention to how it compiles and links to the drmaa libs.  The commands will be visible when you type make.

I had to dig up one of my notes, but here is how you would compile the example.c program that is in the SGE distro

gcc example.c -L $SGE_ROOT/lib/sol-sparc -ldrmaa -lsocket -lnsl -lm -lpthread

You can see there are four standard libraries to link to besides drmaa.

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  From: Edward Ribeiro 
  To: Tim Harsch 
  Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 8:50 AM
  Subject: Re: SGE 6.0 and DRMAA

  Thanks for your useful tips.:-))))

  In fact, I've found the two files you cited, drmaa.h and libdrmaa.so. I created a C source
  file called "foo.c" that try to initialize DRMAA. Unfortunately, I have been dealing mainly
  with Java in the Windows environment and I wasn't able to successfuly compile this 
  simple file.:-(((((

  I typed it

  $ cc -L /home/sge/lib -i /home/sge/include foo.c

  but it doesn't link the library nor compile the file.:-(((

  The header file is in /home/sge/include and the lib file is in /home/sge/lib. Please, can
  you give a tip about compile source files with multiple libraries. I forgot this....

  Thanks in advance,


  Tim Harsch <harsch1 at llnl.gov> wrote:
    * See: http://www.drmaa.org, the spec is there

    * for SGE DRMAA C lib it is in the following of the CVS tree, not sure if it
    is in binary distro or not

    drmaa.h has many useful comments in the source to help understand DRMAA.

    * see http:://www.cpan.org search for Schedule::DRMAAc. It is a Perl API
    built on DRMAA lib written by me (shameless plug). Even if you don't use
    it, there are build notes in it that help you figure out DRMAA.

    * see SGE man pages for DRMAA function descriptions

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    From: "Edward Ribeiro" 
    Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 11:03 AM
    Subject: SGE 6.0 and DRMAA

    > Hello,
    > I found your e-mail in the SGE mailing list.
    > I! 've just started to play with SGE because I need to
    > use
    > it in my MSc. project. I would like to write some
    > tools
    > to submit jobs and monitor queue's statements
    > (mainly),
    > but I didn't find any DRMAA programming tutorial:(
    > I am stuck trying to compile a simple sample
    > application.
    > Please, can you send me the syntax of the command line
    > to
    > compile a simple application. I as far as I know I
    > can't
    > find the library...
    > Edward

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