[GE users] User defined prolog/epilog

Peter H. Koenig Peter.Koenig at phys.upb.de
Wed Jun 16 16:50:07 BST 2004


is there a clean way to define a prolog/epilog per user which is 
executed on each queue allocated and not only on the master queue for a 
parallel job ?

We want to do the following: Some users want to copy data from and to 
their $TMPDIR before and after the job. While this is trivial for a 
serial job, for parallel jobs this is not this is not as easy for an 
application which reads and writes data both on master and slave nodes.
I do have a solution for one particular application (starting another 
MPI-Job handling that, but then this is not really transferable).

So my question is, what do you use for accomplishing this ?


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