Shannon V. Davidson svdavidson at swbell.net
Wed Jun 16 20:05:52 BST 2004


It looks like reprioritization is turned off in SGE 6 by setting 
reprioritize_interval to 0 in the scheduler configuration:

    % qconf -msconf
    reprioritize_interval             0:0:0

I filed an issue in the Grid Engine issues database to remove 
NO_REPRIORITIZATION from the man pages.


Sean Dilda wrote:

>I have a cluster running SGE 5.3.p5 and am looking to upgrading it to
>6.0.   One of the things we have is high and low priority queues.  We
>implement these by using the priority settings in the queue.  Low
>priority queues get a nice value of 19, and high priority queues get a
>nice value of -1.  It works quite well.
>I tried to setup something similar on my test cluster that has SGE 6.0. 
>I submitted some jobs to the low priority queues and found that their
>nice values were changing.  I did some digging around and found
>references to automatic job reprioritization.  I also found that it
>could be disabled by setting execd_params to 'NO_REPRIORITIZATION' in
>the sge_conf.  I did this, and the problem didn't go away.  I then
>restarted sge_execd, and for good measure, sge_qmaster.  It seems to
>still be doing the reprioritization.
>Am I missing something?  Or is this a bug in SGE 6.0?
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