[GE users] User defined prolog/epilog

Peter H. Koenig Peter.Koenig at phys.upb.de
Thu Jun 17 11:20:11 BST 2004

Hi Kirk,

this is SGE 5.3p5.

As far as I can see, the prolog/epilog scripts defined in the queue definition are only executed on the MASTER, not on the SLAVES of a parallel job.

$> qconf -sq pling11_1
prolog               /usr/local/sge.pling/scampi/prolog.sh
epilog               /usr/local/sge.pling/scampi/epilog.sh

The directory mentioned above exists on all nodes. I added debug output in those scripts however I get the output only once. 

In PM Reuti wrote me that I should use the startmpi/stopmpi scripts instead, but the problem with this is that apparently the environment variables (PROLOG/EPILOG) are not available there.


>Is this SGE 6.x?  My config is under SGE 5.3p6.

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