[GE users] Force deletion of jobs by calendar; or: meaning of states: suspend vs. off vs. disabled

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Fri Jun 18 09:18:56 BST 2004


I'm trying to find an easy solution for the following problem:

We have some sepcial emulation hardware hooked to sun workstations,
that should be used by gridengine jobs in batch mode over night, but left 
alone for interactive usage at daytime. Only one user/job can use that
hardware at a time.

Therefore I configured a calendar with "mon-fri=05-19", which
provides the required behaviour basically. The queues go into
state "disabled" at 05 in the morning.

But that also means that a already scheduled job continues running and
the users coming back to office in the morning find the box blocked by
this jobs. Deleting the jobs with qdel is easy, but not very satisfactionary 
every day.

Using "mon-fri=05-19=suspended" will not do the trick either (because
the then suspended jobs still block the emulation hardware)?

Therefore I would like to have a calendar like
"mon-fri=05-19 mon-fri=07-19=off", where "off" means "turn off this queue,
killing jobs running there".

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