[GE users] Force deletion of jobs by calendar; or: meaning of states: suspend vs. off vs. disabled

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Jun 18 10:54:15 BST 2004


you could abuse the "suspension" of the queue and hook in your own suspend
script (--> "suspend_method") which actually would delete the job and may be
even resubmit it with "qresub".


> I'm trying to find an easy solution for the following problem:
> We have some sepcial emulation hardware hooked to sun workstations,
> that should be used by gridengine jobs in batch mode over night, but left
> alone for interactive usage at daytime. Only one user/job can use that
> hardware at a time.
> Therefore I configured a calendar with "mon-fri=05-19", which
> provides the required behaviour basically. The queues go into
> state "disabled" at 05 in the morning.
> But that also means that a already scheduled job continues running and
> the users coming back to office in the morning find the box blocked by
> this jobs. Deleting the jobs with qdel is easy, but not very satisfactionary
> every day.
> Using "mon-fri=05-19=suspended" will not do the trick either (because
> the then suspended jobs still block the emulation hardware)?
> Therefore I would like to have a calendar like
> "mon-fri=05-19 mon-fri=07-19=off", where "off" means "turn off this queue,
> killing jobs running there".
> From reading the documentation I assume that the state "off" means
> the same as "disabled"? Or is this a misinterpretation?
> How can I make sure that the jobs get killed latest at 07:00? Of course i
> could set up a cron job, but that seems like adminstrative overhead and
> cries for potential troubles in future (too many configuration).
> We run SGE5.3p5, Solaris and Linux.

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