[GE users] global consumables problem

Robert Konecny rok at ucsd.edu
Tue Jun 22 01:42:59 BST 2004


I need to set up a limit for maximum number of processors (slots) a single
user can be using at one time (which is different from 'maxujobs'). So I'm
setting up per user consumable ncpu_$USER as outlined here

My current configuration is:

# qconf -sc global

#name            shortcut   type   value  relop requestable consumable default
ncpu_user1     ncpu_user1 INT    0          <=    YES         YES    1
ncpu_user2     ncpu_user2 INT    0           <=    YES         YES     1

# qconf -se global

hostname                   global
load_scaling               NONE
complex_list               NONE
complex_values             ncpu_user1=4,ncpu_user2=4,...
load_values                NONE
processors                 0
user_lists                 NONE
xuser_lists                NONE
projects                   NONE
xprojects                  NONE
usage_scaling              NONE
resource_capability_factor 0.000000

and I have a qsub wrapper which sets npcu_$USER to appropriate value (1 
for a serial job, N for parallel job running on N processors).

However, when user1 submits 4 jobs on 1 CPU/slot each (using qsub -l
ncpu_user1=1 script.sge) all ncpu_* counters are subtracted, not just
ncpu_user1 as I would expect.

Is there something wrong with my setup? I would appreciate any help with



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