Re(2): [GE users] Two networks cards in qmaster with SGE 6.0 problem

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at
Fri Jun 25 13:37:31 BST 2004


> >Could you please file a bug in Issuezilla
> done.


> >looks like this is a bug. The aliased hostname (the most left name in the
> >file) should be written to the "act_qmaster" name file.
> Why is anything written at all to act_qmaster while starting up?

Because the qmaster machine could be different than before.

> >I think there's suitable workaround (A bad woraround might be that after
> >starting qmaster the startup script changes the act_qmaster file content -
> >befroe the scheduler start. This might work.
> This seems not working. I put a sleep in the script sgemaster to wait until the
> last thread changed act_qmaster (it was not written immediately after calling
> the binary) and changed it back before starting the scheduler. But then you
> can't contact the qmaster at all with qping.

I understand. But can the scheduler connect to qmaster?


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