[GE users] SGE6 bug with calendars?

Beadles, Jeff jeff_beadles at mentorg.com
Fri Jun 25 15:16:18 BST 2004

It appears that calendars are not working in sge6, or at least not working like they did in version 5.3.

For example;

I have a calendar 'workday_block'
$ qconf -scal workday_block
calendar_name    workday_block
year             NONE
week             mon-fri=6-18=off

And have it applied to a queue;

$ qconf -sq all.q at myhost | grep calendar
calendar              workday_block

And try to run a job on 'myhost';

$  date
Fri Jun 25 07:11:21 PDT 2004

(It's after 6am, so it shouldn't run)

$ qsub -cwd -q all.q at myhost sleep.sh
Your job 1829 ("sleep.sh") has been submitted.

And a few seconds later;

$ qstat -r
job-ID  prior   name       user         state submit/start at     queue                          slots ja-task-ID
   1829 0.51117 sleep.sh   jeffb        r     06/25/2004 07:11:41 all.q at myhost                         1
       Full jobname:     sleep.sh
       Master queue:     all.q at myhost
       Hard Resources:   h_rt=14400 (0.000000)
       Soft Resources:
       Hard requested queues: all.q at myhost

In version 5, this works just fine.  Anyone know of a difference in this area for v6, or is it a bug?


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