Re(4): [GE users] Two networks cards in qmaster with SGE 6.0 problem

Reuti reuti at
Fri Jun 25 15:44:46 BST 2004

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>> >looks like this is a bug. The aliased hostname (the most left name in the
>> >file) should be written to the "act_qmaster" name file.
>> Why is anything written at all to act_qmaster while starting up?
>Because the qmaster machine could be different than before.

but why must I then edit this file by hand before? I mean, if I put some 
nonsense in act_qmaster before starting, for instance "blablabla", sgemaster 
will tell me:

sge_qmaster didn't start!
This is not a qmaster host!
Please, check your act_qmaster file!

So, it must be correct already before the startup.

>> >I think there's suitable workaround (A bad woraround might be that after
>> >starting qmaster the startup script changes the act_qmaster file content -
>> >befroe the scheduler start. This might work.
>> This seems not working. I put a sleep in the script sgemaster to wait
>until the
>> last thread changed act_qmaster (it was not written immediately after
>> the binary) and changed it back before starting the scheduler. But then you
>> can't contact the qmaster at all with qping.
>I understand. But can the scheduler connect to qmaster?

Ahh, I have to wait a little bit longer and skip the test. The whole "if-case" 
in sgemaster:

      echo "   starting sge_qmaster"
#     CheckRunningQmaster
echo Sleeping 120...
sleep 120
echo master > act_qmaster
      echo "   starting sge_schedd"

This seems working, I just submitted some jobs with this configuration. Still 
there is no qping possible on the qmaster node. From the nodes to the qmaster 
it's working as before. I'm confused...

But when you startup this the first time, the configuration in local_conf is 
renamed to the internal name, and will not be renamed back to the external name 
when you want to change the configuration back (without using host_aliases). 
You have to do it by hand. Then you can use the other confuguration again.


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