[GE users] suggestion of adjusted load

tomohiro_ohtsu tomohiro at bc.wakwak.com
Sun Jun 27 12:12:36 BST 2004

Hello grid users,

SGE5.3 uses adjusted load because the load reported by OS is the average value for last 5 minutes.

In SGE5.3, 

adjusted_load = average_load + (load_adjustment * sum(decay_adjustment) / nproc)

                    load_adjustment_decay_time - passed_time_since_last_job_scheduled
(decay_adjustment = -----------------------------------------------------------------)

But I think it is better

adjusted_load = average_load + (threshold * sum(load_adjustment * decay_adjustment) / nporc)

(same as
adjusted_load = average_load + sum(threshold * load_adjustment * decay_adjustment) / nproc)

When we decide the value of load_adjustment, we have to consider threshold. But in the formula
which is used in SGE5.3 now, it isn't so clear to see the relation between threshold,
load_adjustment and adjusted load.

In suggested formula, it is clear to see the relation of them.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Tomohiro Ohtsu

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