[GE users] Automating the Installation Process

Alexandre Barras Alexandre.Barras at cerfacs.fr
Mon Jun 28 10:47:06 BST 2004


I had an issue recently with the inst_sge script et the option -auto

The script did not always manage to find the hosts it should
I realised that in fact it did not make any differences between mycomputer and mycomputer.mydomain.com although the option "skip the domain name" was activated.

I solved the problem changing one line in the inst_sge script (around ligne 330)
if [ $EXECD = "install" -a $UPDATE != "true" ]; then
 if [ $AUTO = true ]; then

    for h in $EXEC_HOST_LIST; do
      if [ $h = `hostname` ] || [ $h = `hostname | sed s/'\.*\.mydomain.com$'/'\1'/` ]; then  <--- the line that has been changed
now it works...

it is a known issue ?
it is a real issue or it works with your cluster without adding something in the script ? 

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