[GE users] qrsh & stderr/qtdout file

Kirk Patton kpatton at transmeta.com
Mon Mar 29 17:24:17 BST 2004


I am working with qrsh for interactive jobs and I have noticed that
the stderr and stdout files are being created in the current working 
directory. If the user does not have write access to that directory,
the session fails to start.

I looked throught the archives and found a reference to bug #368. I am 
using generic PROLOG/EPILOG scripts so that users can specify thier own
at the time of submission.

I changed the default path for the stderr/stdout files from $HOME
to /dev/null in the sge_request file, but I am still getting the 
error. I verified that regular qsub submission do not produce any
files now, but qrsh still creates files of 0 bytes in length.

Does anyone have any idea how to turn this off for qrsh?


BUG 368
>Interactive jobs (i.e. qrsh, qsh, qlogin) leave
>behind output/error files like normal qsub type
>jobs if prolog/epilog procedures are run for these
>jobs. Usually these files are not needed, but
>there is no means to have these jobs run with
>prolog/epilog without getting these files created.
>An prolog/epilog procedure which is run also for
>interactive jobs might remove it's own
>output/error file explicitly. The path of these
>files is known to these procedures
>For interactive jobs (i.e. qrsh, qsh, qlogin) the
>default setting of -e/-o/-y must cause /dev/null
>be used for output/error files. To retain the
>means to get diagnosis information about
>prolog/epilog runs the -e/-o/-y submit options
>must be usable also for these jobs.
Kirk Patton
Unix Administrator
Transmeta Inc.
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