[GE users] qrsh & stderr/qtdout file

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Mar 29 17:58:35 BST 2004


since the fix is not done yet (redirection to /dev/null) you need to folow
the directions in the "WORKAROUND" section where an "epilog" scripts deletes
the files $SGE_STDERR_PATH and $SGE_STDOUT_PATH (which are NOT set for
interactive jobs. There

The file





The attribute "script_file" has the special values "INTERACTIVE", "QLOGIN",
"QRSH" and "QRLOGIN". They are set in the environment variable "JOB_SCRIPT"
as well.

This means that either by checking the env variable "JOB_SCRIPT" and/or by
checking for the attribute "script_file" in $SGE_JOB_SPOOL_DIR/config the
epilog can detect whether or not to delete the job stderr/out files for
interactive jobs. You have certainly noticed that for interactive jobs the
fiels are always created in the user's home directory.

# sample epilog script to delete stdout/err files for interactive jobs

case $JOB_SCRIPT in
     echo rm -f $HOME/$JOB_NAME.o$JOB_ID
     echo rm -f $HOME/$JOB_NAME.e$JOB_ID
exit 0


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Kirk Patton wrote:

> Hello,
> I am working with qrsh for interactive jobs and I have noticed that
> the stderr and stdout files are being created in the current working
> directory. If the user does not have write access to that directory,
> the session fails to start.
> I looked throught the archives and found a reference to bug #368. I am
> using generic PROLOG/EPILOG scripts so that users can specify thier own
> at the time of submission.
> I changed the default path for the stderr/stdout files from $HOME
> to /dev/null in the sge_request file, but I am still getting the
> error. I verified that regular qsub submission do not produce any
> files now, but qrsh still creates files of 0 bytes in length.
> Does anyone have any idea how to turn this off for qrsh?
> Thanks,
> Kirk
> BUG 368
> >Interactive jobs (i.e. qrsh, qsh, qlogin) leave
> >behind output/error files like normal qsub type
> >jobs if prolog/epilog procedures are run for these
> >jobs. Usually these files are not needed, but
> >there is no means to have these jobs run with
> >prolog/epilog without getting these files created.
> >
> >An prolog/epilog procedure which is run also for
> >interactive jobs might remove it's own
> >output/error file explicitly. The path of these
> >files is known to these procedures
> >
> >For interactive jobs (i.e. qrsh, qsh, qlogin) the
> >default setting of -e/-o/-y must cause /dev/null
> >be used for output/error files. To retain the
> >means to get diagnosis information about
> >prolog/epilog runs the -e/-o/-y submit options
> >must be usable also for these jobs.

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