[GE users] globus can't find cell directory for SGE

Rene Salmon rsalmon at tulane.edu
Wed Mar 31 17:10:40 BST 2004


I am trying to get SGE-5.3p5 to work with globus-2.4.3.  I have installed
the packages from http://www.lesc.ic.ac.uk/projects/epic-gt2-sge.html


I can exec commands remotely using the globus default jobmanager "fork"

>globus-job-run hostname/jobmanager /bin/echo hello

But when I try to run

>globus-job-run hostname/jobmanager-sge /bin/echo hello

I get this error message in the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var/globus-gatekeeper.log

Notice: 0: Child 24618 started
critical error: cell directory "/opt/i586/opt/SGE/default" doesn't exist

My SGE install used SGE_CELL=crash but somehow globus is looking for the
"default" cell

The file $GLOBUS_LOCATION/libexec/globus-script-sge-queue
has SGE_CELL=crash so I don't know where else to tell globus
that SGE_CELL=crash not "default".

any ideas?

Thank you

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