[GE users] qselect problem

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Wed May 5 10:10:21 BST 2004

Hi Kirk,

the behaviour you encounter is the outcome of

   AH-2004-03-04-1: Bugfix:    qselect/qstat -l selection wrongly considers
                               load and utilization
                    Issue:     771
                    Bugtraq:   5019624
                    Review:    AS

the behaviour you possibly desire is a corresponding RFE #772. But why
don't you specify immutable information such

   - os
   - platform
   - release
   - ..

in each hosts complex_values list? You can use the qconf -?attr
switch family (use "exechost" as obj_nm) for efficiently accomplishing

Using Grid Engine complex_values for non-mutable attributes has two
fundamental benefits:

 (1) It lowers the amount of data that periodically needs to be
     transfered from Execd to Qmaster and thus lowers effort
     Qmaster on processing load reports.

 (2) It ensures this information is available even during
     Execd maintainance shutdown. With load values a timeout
     is in effect which causes them not be available after
     a certain time when exec hosts queues change into
     'unknown' state.

The #771 fix changed the problematic behaviour of qstat/qselect
returning a mutuable set of queues variying with the clusters
load/utilization situation. Anyone please realize qselect be used
within scripts for changing particular queue's configuation: If load
values were generally considered by qselect it wouldn't be usable
for this purpose. It's true that in versions prior 5.3 this behaved

Andy's and my take on this is that this is in fact is a bug since
load/utilization were never considered in versions prior 5.3. Well,
it's possible that users see this differently and we simly lack
funded feedback from the Grid Engine users community.

As pointed out by Rayson reverting the #771 fix does not require
major development effort.


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