[GE users] how to prevent qrsh from launching .cshrc?

sophana jobarjo78 at yahoo.fr
Wed May 5 14:45:05 BST 2004

hi all

I use sge 5.3p4
When I put 'echo foo' in my $HOME/.cshrc,
then I do a 'qrsh uname' I see 'foo' twice before the uname is executed.
When I do 'qrsh -noshell uname', I see 'foo' once
I tried unix_behavior for the shell start mode and it did not change.

when I display environement variables, all SGE variables are set. this 
means that the startup script is called on the remote side.
is it a rsh/rshd behaviour?

did I miss an option in the rsh and rshd commands? (I did not set them)

Thanks for your help

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