[GE users] multiple clusters

Yogesh Chaudhary yogesh.chaudhary at amd.com
Wed May 5 18:09:50 BST 2004

Hi All,

We are trying to use two different clusters run by two qmasters
separately, as the number of CPU's are increasing for our group(
may be 1000)... I was wondering what may be the best way to do it.

Will it help to have two separate SGE installs ? But we surely want
to share the machines on these 2 clusters...Is there any other better
way than using transfer-queues and globus in newer versions...
Or are these the only way of doing it right now...

Please suggest me if you have already done this and is working fine
for you..

Users are worried about the scalability of gridengine, so I would like
to do everything possible to make this work...

One of the reason we want 2 clusters is, sometimes the qmaster is
highly loaded..and the whole queue is hosed.. it happens when a user
submits 1000's of simulations with 10 or more scripts runing at the
same time on same or different machine.. Has anyone seen this or may
be suggest a solution...

thanks in advance, Yogesh

Yogesh Chaudhary
Advanced Micro Devices,Inc ( PCS )
9500 Arboretum Blvd., Suite 400                       Phone:  512.602.5422
Austin, TX 78759                                       Fax: 512.602.5051

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